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Offering Home Security Analysis to Prevent Home Invasions

Home Defense Strategies

Greatly reduce you, your home and your family from becoming the target of a burglary or home invasion. You must have prevention strategies and security measures in place, and an “Action Plan” in the event your home is breached.

The Violation of Your Privacy runs Deep After Burglary
& Home Invasions Can Be Deadly

 A full security analysis of your residence will be conducted, by retired Sgt. Todd Horn, a 24-year law enforcement veteran, firearms instructor,  “Use of Force” instructor, and former Detective, SWAT Team Leader and SIGARMS Academy Instructor.

Testimonial“Honest… Likable… Professional: This is how my wife and I feel about Todd after working with him on our home security issues. With his many years of law enforcement and security experience, Todd was able to come up with a realistic and comprehensive plan as to how to make our home more secure and less attractive to potential thief’s and home invaders. After following many of his recommendations, we believe our home is safer place for our entire family. Would I recommend Todd Horn of Argent Security Consulting…You bet!” B.G. / Portsmouth, NH

Don’t wait until it happens – be proactive!

During the “walk-through” with the client(s), I will point out vulnerabilities and ways to reduce them. I will also give you the foundation for developing an “Action Plan” in the event your home is breached.  Within 7 days, you will receive a detailed list of recommendations in order of priority. The cost of this analysis is affordable, as are the recommendations.

Home Security topics include:

  • Power of Prevention
  • Realities of a burglary vs. home invasion
  • Proper choice of home defense firearms
  • Safe and efficient storage and placement of firearms
  • Non-lethal force options for the home
  • Ways to “harden” exterior and interior doors and windows
  • Window air conditioner security
  • Mailbox/Identity theft prevention
  • Proper planning while away for an extended period of time or for your seasonal property, and more.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security if you have an alarm system, a large dog or live in a “quiet” town. Get the advise and recommendations from a professional.

How much is the well-being of you or your family worth?

Common misconceptions:

  • “Consultants are too costly”
  • “It hasen’t happened yet”
  • “We live in a safe neighborhood”
  • “I’ll have plenty of time to react, call 911, etc.
  • “Our security system will prevent an intruder from entering”

For rates and more information contact Todd Horn, President of Argent Security Consulting at 603-828- 2520 or todd@argentsecurityconsulting.com.