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Personal Defense Training for Women, Business Owners, CEO's & Professionals

Personal Defense

This consultation covers potential attacks to you or your family when you’re out in a vehicle or in public, such as restaurants, movie theaters, churches, etc.

You are the most vulnerable on the street or in your car.

We offer a one-on-one meeting with a client(s) or a classroom seminar to evaluate risk factors and develop a self-defense plan, including the carry and use of a firearm and/or non-lethal force options, ie. pepper spray, Taser, etc.

You will learn the following:

  • Reality of an attack
  • Power of Prevention
  • Proper choice of a concealed carry firearm for first-time buyers
  • Evaluate current handgun owners’ pistol/revolver
  • Efficient concealed carry placement
  • Carry and use of pepper spray
  • Pro’s and Con’s of a Taser
  • Misnomers of “Knock Down Power” and ballistics
  • Advantages of¬†training

You will receive expert advice and vital information from retired Sgt. Todd Horn, a 24-year law enforcement veteran with extensive experience and training as an instructor in firearms and the “use of force” for personal defense, regardless of your background.

Classroom attendees will be given parameters by which they can narrow down to suit their own needs. One-on-one consultations will be tailored to each persons’ lifestyle.

Please contact us at 603-828-2520 or todd@argentsecurityconsulting.com for rates and more information.